Your website is an investment. Your brand, your message, your mainstay for communicating value to the world.

Bad guys, script kiddies, bots — they all want your cheese. To deface your site. Mine bitcoin. To distribute malware or post personal ads for web-order brides. Known security holes make that all too easy.

Fortunately, the Drupal Security Team has your back.

It’s Wednesday. Time to patch your website.

Every Wednesday the Drupal Security Team releases updates for any Drupal modules that have security issues. They do the hard part. Then it’s up to us, as website owners, to apply those security updates.

Have you patched your Drupal sites?

We’ve applied these recent security updates —

What are you doing Wednesday?

Important stuff — meetings, requirements, new features — business-critical stuff. Even if you have a development team, they have more productive things to do than patch your website.

Leave the updates to EL Studio.

Let us keep up with the security updates your site needs.

Each Wednesday when a pertinent security notice is released we update your website and test it.

Let us free your Wednesdays.

From $150/month.

Email us for details