Passive House DC.

Peabody Architects is among the first to design a Passive House – a super energy-efficient house pioneered in Germany – for construction in America.

To document the construction and explain whats revolutionary about a Passive House, the firm asked to help them put a project log online.

The blog format was perfect for this – if it could be simple enough for the architect to post from onsite construction administration visits.

After evaluating several options, we choose Posterous. The services email-to- post makes it straightforward for staff to document the construction with cell-phone camera and video. And simple cross-posting to Twitter and Facebook makes the blog play well with the firms other social media initiatives.

The results: much more frequent content updates, and higher exposure.

David Peabody, the firms owner, sums it up: “I was giving a presentation on the passive house to a group of realtors. They took one look at the blog, and thought it was the product of a PR firm. But its just us – its so easy to post that we do it frequently. And thats a competitive edge.”