Website for CitizenGulfs National Day of Action.

Business Objective: Help Gulf Coast fishermen whose livelihood has been affected by the BP oil spill. Organize and promote a series of fundraisers across the nation (18 at last count). Enable volunteer organizers to do their own promotion.

Technical Challenges:

Technical Solution:

We pulled together several online services for ticketing and social media into a single blog that project organizers could use to promote events, thank supporters and keep them apprised of progress.

A Posterous blog allows organizers and city leads to post updates online by email, with complete integration with Facebook, Twitter and individuals social media presences.

EventBright handles ticketing for events, allowing individual city organizers to reach out to their supporters. provides online communities around the CitizenGulf projects, and moves the funds to Catholic Charities of New Orleans, who will distribute them to affected families.