Human resources uses web software to make Peoplesoft data accessible to everyone.

The World Bank uses Drupal to make career development understandable to employees — and repeatable across the organization.

The World Banks human resources department spent a year cataloging the skills that staff members need to succeed in their jobs. The resulting competencies catalog, with more than 1,600 competencies, their definitions and related jobs can be used for performance evaluations, for hiring and to help staff prepare for promotions.

But all of that is effective only if staff can learn about the competencies.

The team set out to put the competencies catalog on the web, where it could be accessed bank-wide. The result was a Drupal website where the team posts updates and explanations of the project.

Beyond basic Drupal, the team brought us in to connect to the PeopleSoft database that holds the competencies data, and to make that data usable by the whole staff.

The results are a searchable list of all 1,600 competencies, browsable by job, by metadata and by full text.

With a design and implementation that opened up the Competencies framework for use bank wide, the team can focus on communicating with their users. Drupal gives them the flexibility to address issues and questions that come up in training.

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