OOSKAnews publishes newsletters with original reporting of news about water supply and policy in the developing world.

For the past four years their reporters and editorial team have produced weekly email newsletters for industry leaders. It was time to move all of that content online where it could be searchable.

While OOSKAnews didnt want to destroy the value of their paid subscription newsletters, they did want to create an archive of historical content useful to the researchers and global organizations they serve.

They brought el-studio.com in to build a database and to advise in online marketing of that content.

Our solution had several parts:

  • Extract the text of nearly 16,000 articles from their PDF sources
  • Import this content into Drupal and tag it, where it could be displayed on the web in a searchable form
  • Design the presentation of all of this information, and redesign OOSKAnews website
  • Encourage sharing of specific stories through social networks, and discovery through search engines
  • Implement content restrictions that provide full access to paying subscribers

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