Tally4.com is a web application that helps you put your Foursquare checkins to work.

Whether its working out, eating local or volunteering, youre out-and-about for a purpose. Foursquare records these checkins – it lets your friends know when you arrive, and can give you coupons. Its great for shopping, but what about for goals?

Thats where Tally4 comes in.

Tell the app what you care about, and Tally4 shows your pertinent checkins. See at a glance when youve worked out, and when you, um, may have slacked.

Are your friends interested in the same stuff? Tally4 keeps score, so you can race them to your goals.

Its perfect for fitness, comparing restaurant notes or tracking club attendance.

Tally4 was conceived and built by el-studio.com, using the Foursquare API.

Aboutfoursquare.coms review sums it up:

Tally4 is yet another interesting way to use foursquare’s checkin data.

via aboutfoursquare.com